Staying competitive with supply chain management

The holistic and efficient design of increasingly complex global supply chains is a necessary requirement for a company’s long-term competitiveness. Flows of goods, materials, and information between the various partners of the supply chain must be optimized in order to satisfy customer requirements and ensure cost-effectiveness. As a result, supply chain management (SCM) focuses on the economic planning and optimization of logistics processes, taking into consideration the principles of lean management.  

Experience along the value chain with supply chain management

The Ingenics experts are experienced in all areas of the value chain and in intercompany logistics. When it comes to estimating the impact of a new strategic direction, this knowledge is particularly valuable. The focus always is on a professional, methodological approach. 

As a customer, you benefit from this methodical approach as well as from the many years of experience that has Ingenics can demonstrate in the manufacturer-supplier relationships. Ingenics experts always examine situations from both perspectives to achieve the best possible results.

Optimal flows of goods, information, and products

To help your business continue meeting all the market requirements in terms of flexibility and supplier performance into the future, Ingenics takes care of the basic optimization of your supply chain. Thanks to their holistic approach and the creation of maximum transparency, fluctuations in the logistics system can be reduced efficiently. At the same time, greater flexibility allows you to process orders more quickly. In sum, costs related to the logistics system can be optimized by examining the transportation, warehousing, and inventory costs.

Reaching targets step by step

As a first step, Ingenics reviews the actual processes in place at your company. In the workshop sessions that follow, together with you target processes and the target scenario are both defined. Based on these findings, the Ingenics consultants deallocate the defined processes carry out cost assessment. At the end of the process chain, recommendations and an action plan are produced to help make sure that your business is fully prepared for supply chain management going into the future. 

Here again is a summary of the most important steps and services:

  • Defining sourcing strategies
  • Developing supply processes for production materials and finished products
  • Investigating and defining the order flow process
  • Strategic design of material and information flows
  • Multi-site planning for sourcing and market supply
  • Developing inventory strategies
  • Organizing production and distribution networks


Ingenics supports you to design and plan a sustainable supply chain from beginning to end. A particularly important insight in this context is that optimizing a single area or department can never achieve an overall optimum. For example, it is not possible to optimize inventory costs without compromising the frequency of supply, which in turn calls for a consideration of production batches in the upstream warehouse. The holistic approach of Ingenics will thus help you to achieve optimum results in your supply processes – from your own suppliers to supplying the market.

Lean logistics — Optimization Supply Chain

Lean logistics describes the design of logistic systems where the primary goal is to avoid wasted resources. Another relevant aspect of the lean approach is increasing the flexibility of logistics systems and supply processes. The focus is always on achieving an optimum overall result in logistics systems. To this end, knowledge from the field of lean production is applied to logistics processes, among other things ...


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