The Digital Architect

When Advice and Implementation Come Together

What Is a Digital Architect?

Digital Architects approach planning like an architect does when building a house. They constantly keep the bigger picture in sight and serve as an interface between different job roles. The “house” that Digital Architects work on here is a business. 

Digital Architects possess sound knowledge in the field of digitalization. They combine it with extensive skills in production, supply-chain logistics, and administrative processes.

How Does a Digital Architect Work?

Digital Architects act as a consultant and partner to their clients, keeping a constant eye on their needs and matching them with possibilities for realization. They efficiently connect strategies, processes, people, and technologies. Their top goal is to create lasting improved efficiency within a company. Digital Architects do not work alone. They lead a team of experts from different disciplines.

Ingenics’ consultants see themselves as Digital Architects for their clients, putting a special focus on production and logistics. They assess processes and systems, reveal measures to optimize them, and ultimately support their clients with digitalization. Accompanying internal qualification initiatives and training are also part of the value added with Ingenics’ Digital Architects.

How Does Digital Transformation Succeed?


Digital transformation is a comprehensive change process. It does not happen overnight. Businesses need a strategic framework and clear vision before they set out on the journey.

Digitalization is not a simple matter of implementing software or issuing a laptop to all employees. Digitalization is complex and permeates all parts of a company. It is about linking processes and routines with each other in the purest sense of the word.  

This is precisely where Ingenics’ Digital Architects step in. They guide the transformation process from the draft stage to its realization at all levels of the value-creation system. They employ the latest technologies and concepts such as predictive maintenance, digital twins, and the internet of things. Moreover, they have access to a team of established experts in different fields. With its subsidiary Ingenics Digital, Ingenics has IT specialists who not only possess know-how for common software programs, but also program personalized solutions for their clients.

Digitalization at All Levels

This graphic shows the levels of a company that Digital Architects bring together. Starting with strategy as the company’s “roof”, moving through processes, solutions, and data, and ending in a “machine room” which contains hardware and products. The individual parts that should be optimized or transformed at each level differ from client to client. Ingenics’ Digital Architects combine the individual requirements into a cohesive, overall concept. The result is a customized transformation instead of a standardized solution.