New Ways of Working

Shaping the Working World of Tomorrow

How can companies adapt best and shape the new realities of a digitized world of work characterized by greater physical distance?

The Working world are undergoing a transformation that has been long in the making and has now accelerated dramatically. New approaches, methods, and digital tools appear almost daily. Organizations must learn to constantly respond to these changes and leverage them to their own benefit. An agile approach to working is essential in this regard. The changes and developments have led to a mindset shift and have opened up the possibility of dealing proactively with crises such as the coronavirus pandemic. As a result this opportunity needs to be seized.

We are a company with many years of experience in the application of digital standards and methods as well in distributed as in virtual work. By using practical ideas and targeted measures, we can show you how to organize the new way of working. To this end, we offer information and tools you can download that will specifically explain how to implement “New Work” at your company, and use our consulting expertise to support you during the implementation process.

How We Will Work in the future is being decided today!

Organizations are now faced with the task of finding new ways of working and restructuring their day-to-day activities in order to remain competitive in the future. Companies that do not embrace the changing world of work as an opportunity are already losing their appeal to customers, employees, partners, and skilled workers. 

Three Main Trends in the New World of Work

On this path, we essentially see three main trends that companies must thoroughly address now in order to adapt to the new conditions.

Team to Work – Team Spirit in Decentralized Structures

Digitization is leading to profound changes in the world of work – established collaboration and communication structures are becoming obsolete because employees, customers, and suppliers are increasingly working digitally and therefore also in a more location-independent manner. Advanced concepts for the new working world are needed. 

How can virtual collaboration be successful with partners and within the company? 

  • Make collaboration inside and outside the company more efficient through systems and processes as well as harmonized guidelines and a collaborative work culture
  • Establish structures to communicate the current status and progress of work in a transparent manner 
  • Have the courage to adopt new approaches of work in order to appeal applicants and customers 
  • Make it possible to experience the corporate culture digitally

Learn how to create team spirit in a working world that is both digital and analog and how to successfully implement connected collaboration long term.  


Lead the Work – Leadership in the Digital Age 

Leading and motivating employees even without being physically close, flexible working hours, varying work locations, or dynamic corporate goals are some of the additional challenges facing executives and management in times of digital transformation.

How is digital transformation changing the understanding of leadership and what do managers need to do now? 

  • Leverage digital opportunities to appeal to employees and qualified applicants
  • Establish rules governing on-site and remote work
  • Adapt leadership styles and understand the new underlying conditions
  • Managers coach individual employees to address needs and best leverage their potential best
  • Present and evaluate performance in a transparent manner

Learn how leadership is changing in the digital age.


Place to Work – Workspace Design Irrespective of the Workplace

In the future, the office will no longer be an employee’s only, and maybe not even primary, place of work. This means that the employee’s on-site workspace at the company will have to change fundamentally and be redesigned for working from home. In order to meet the demands of future agile working with respect to productivity, efficiency, and health – but also inspiration and creativity – the following question arises: 

What will the ideal workspace look like in the future? 

  • Data protection, information security, and labor law requirements must be fulfilled at all workplaces
  • Space planning and modern room design at the company must be adapted to changing work conditions and workloads 
  • The mix of on-site work and remote work must leverage the advantages of the respective work environment 
  • The company must promote employees’ physical and mental health

Find out what the workplace of the future will look like.

Place to Work

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