Catena-X: the Data Ecosystem for the Automotive Industry of the Future

Automotive manufacturers, suppliers, and other companies across the automobile value chain are facing major challenges. The increasing complexity of vehicles and drive systems, global end-to-end connectivity in supply chains, and the growing relevance of data and artificial intelligence are putting new requirements on the collaboration and processes within the automotive sector.

Catena-X: All Benefits at a Glance

From improved transparency and efficiency to driving new innovations - discover in our overview what benefits Catena-X offers your company.


Ingenics Consulting is a qualified for offering Catena-X advisory and consulting services

And as one of the first consultancies officially qualified by the Catena-X Association, Ingenics Consulting supports companies in utilizing the advantages of Catena-X for themselves and implementing new use cases.

What Is Catena-X?

Catena-X is the first collaborative and open data ecosystem for the automotive industry of the future. Its added value is that all partners across the value chain can collaborate together while simultaneously keeping complete sovereignty over their own data. Each partner is given a digital key to the data relevant to that partner. 

Previously, many partners used many standalone situations in this context, whereas Catena-X creates a shared solution for all stakeholders, whether they be in automotive, IT, or research. Accordingly, the development costs are divided among the parties, and the open source structure allows software elements be added at any time. 

The members include BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Volkswagen-Bosch, BASF, and SAP as well as major corporations from the US, China, and Japan. 

Supply Chain Management

Catena-X can be used to track products and materials across the supply chain. 

More Information about Supply Chain Management 


Product Development

Catena-X can be used for collaboration between the various development departments of a company or between various different companies.


Catena-X makes it possible to document a supply chain’s sustainability, from the raw materials’ sources to their recycling.

Catena-X is still in development and constantly being enhanced, including for future challenges in the automotive sector.  

Catena-X will be a fundamental shift in the automotive industry. The decentralized data ecosystem will improve the collaboration between different players in the sector, enable the development of new business models and applications, and increase the safety and efficiency of production. 

How Does Catena-X Work?

Catena-X is based on an architecture consisting of three main areas. The core services safeguard the basic functions of the Catena-X data room, such as the marketplace and digital twin registry. The companies’ business applications will be connected to the core services. The operators provide the infrastructure for the core services and business applications. The task here will be to conquer some complex challenges. In addition to the complex standards of Catena-X, there is extreme importance above all on the security of the data and information in the network as well as on data sovereignty. As a result, the Catena-X approach enables secure, trustworthy data exchange between the participating companies.

The aim of combining the collaboration between suppliers, IT contractors, and all providers and users globally through a shared, secure marketplace is more than just boost confidence in the industry. It is to enable new visions, innovation, and applications. It adds value in automotive production in a way that people can barely think of right now. With Catena-X as a basis, this transformation will be launched and the potential released. 

With the right partner by your side, your company can become part of the Catena-X platform, too. We offer companies professional support in the implementation and usage of Catena-X. 

Don’t wait until your competitors are already overtaking you. 


We consult on the development of a company’s Catena-X strategy and on the selection of the right solutions and services.


We assist companies in the implementation of Catena-X solutions and services. 


We offer training for companies that wish to use Catena-X.

What Applications Can Catena-X Already Be Used For?

The Catena-X portfolio comprises standards for various applications which can be used by all companies. Our consultants assist you in the implementation of these standards. A distinction is currently made for the following applications:

  • Traceability: end-to-end data chains across the life cycle
  • Sustainability: compliance with regulatory requirements
  • Digital twins: behavior prediction from online
  • Demand and capacity management: fewer shortages, more certainty
  • High product quality: consistency instead of shopping for parts
  • Circular economy: maximum resource utilization
  • Product carbon footprint: primary data for precise carbon emission calculation

What Benefits Does Catena-X Offer for Your Company?

  • Data: Keep control over your data.
  • Services: Choose your provider in open markets.
  • Operation: Decide where your data is saved and who it is used by.
  • Identity: secure digital identities: self-managed and trustworthy.

  • Boost your company’s digital maturity and improve your performance.
  • Empower your company with applications of digital participation.
  • Become an attractive business partner for your suppliers and clients.

  • Consolidate IT interfaces with a single interface for all suppliers and clients.
  • Use uniform services within their industry – internationally and across sectors.
  • Synchronize all processes from the raw material source, production, and usage through to the final sink.
  • Harness synergies between applications.

  • Leverage new potential to create value.
  • Use new technologies like AI, IoT, and blockchain.
  • Gain competitive advantages.


Do You Want to Know the Potential Catena-X Can Offer Your Company?

Our consultants assist companies in the automotive industry to use the benefits of Catena-X. We help companies to improve collaboration with their partners, optimize their processes, and take advantage of new business opportunities. 

Do you have questions about Catena-X? Then get in touch with us. 

Hold a potentials workshop together with our consultants. It includes:

  • Basics of supply chain digitalization – Catena-X as a data-driven ecosystem 
  • Catena-X, Cofinity-X, and Manufacturing-X – structure, organization, networks, and stakeholders 
  • Catena-X configuration – technology, architecture, and sovereign data rooms 
  • Cofinity-X marketplace, services, use cases, and applications 
  • Participation and memberships in the Catena-X network 
  • Business case comparison of the company digitalization strategy with the possibilities of Catena-X as value drivers 
  • Opportunities of the Catena-X network – applications, value proposition, and processes 
  • Technical requirements and infrastructure 
  • The onboarding process 

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