Achieving Results by Improving Performance

Globalization, volatile markets, rising energy costs, weak economic cycles – the challenges of the modern world are a stress test for any organization and increase the pressure to deliver results. Performance improvement helps companies to boost their performance and competitiveness.

Align Structures and Processes to Be Effective and Efficient

Structures in production, the supply chain, and administrative areas that have developed on their own over time no longer meet the requirements of today’s business world in terms of performance, speed, and flexibility.

Only companies that effectively and efficiently align their structures and processes to these requirements can successfully hold their own in competitive markets over the long term. In this context, patchwork optimization is counterproductive – which is why we recommend adapting the structure of key functional areas to market requirements and orchestrating them in a targeted manner.

Our experience shows that this is the only way to achieve the necessary flexibility in a cost-optimized manner, to improve profitability and permanently increase the value of the company.

How Ingenics Improves Company Performance

Day-to-day business is stressful. Therefore, many companies find it difficult to identify their areas of activity and potential risks and to initiate targeted measures to safeguard their market positions.


Through our performance and transformation programs, we help companies do just that. We offer comprehensive solutions with a clear focus on results. In this process, we not only focus on end-to-end optimization of business-critical functions and processes, but also actively manage the necessary transformation process across all business units and hierarchical levels.


Specifically, this involves a hybrid approach:


  • We develop objectives and necessary structures with you, thereby providing the top-down framework for operationalization
  • With our comprehensive expertise across all trades, we engineer operationalization from the bottom up. In doing so, we get all relevant employees and managers involved


In this way, we lay the groundwork for an effective and efficient transformation. In this context, we present your success factors in clearly quantified key performance indicators over a timeline. This makes it possible to closely track achievements during the implementation of the performance program.


Ingenics Services at a Glance

We work with you to create performance programs in order to:

The Most Important Questions and Answers about Performance Consulting

What does Ingenics mean by performance improvement?

At Ingenics, we broadly define it as helping a company continuously improve its performance. Performance improvement allows companies to reposition their business services globally. As a result, they can work more efficiently; uncover outsourcing, automation, and digitization potential; and successfully leverage it.

What does performance improvement entail?

Depending on the requirements and industry, increased performance can be achieved by automating business processes, leveraging digitalization potential, or optimizing cost structures. We create performance improvement programs for companies individually and in close collaboration with our customers. In this context, the focus is on the people at the company.

Which companies are a performance improvement program suitable for?

Organizations of all sizes and in all industries have room for improvement, no matter how long they have been in business. Young companies benefit from the performance expertise of external management consultants, particularly in times of crisis. Established companies, on the other hand, can always take advantage of opportunities to question legacy structures and respond to increasing competitive pressure with efficiency and flexibility.

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